Friday, 24 February 2017

Late start to the new year!

Hello to anyone out there reading! I've been very lax in my posting but i plan to change that. Admittedly this change should have started with the new year, or at least on a Monday (but hey Fridays can be a good time for change right??!)  But there's no time like the present.
This book lover has taken on a new challenge, i'm one of the organisers for the Nottingham The Girly Book Club! So with this new challenge i've decided to link it in with my blog here in an attempt to get the reviews flowing.The first meeting is on the 27th of March (if you happen to want to come along find us on so sometime soon after that i'll post my review of the first book!

March's book is called "Swear on this life" by Renee Carlino and having read the blurb on the back it sounds rather interesting and i cant wait to get stuck in!  Here's the cover in case anyone is in a nosey mood.

So with that i'll leave this post and hopefully you'll get some new this to have a gander at soon :)

K xx