Sunday, 26 June 2016

50 Ways to Yay! : Transformative tools for a whole lot of happy.


                                      Alexi Panos

Title:  50 Ways to Yay! : Transformative tools for a whole lot of happy.
Author: Alexi Panos
Publisher:North Star Way
Publication Date:7th June 2016
Genre: Self Help,Health, Mind & Body
Effervescent TV host, model, and inspirational vlogger Alexi Panos has helped thousands with their own search for personal happiness. In 50 Ways to Yay!, Alexi, recently named one of eleven Noteworthy Millenials in the Huffington Post, helps you do the same with fifty inspired and thought-provoking lessons and exercises to help you break out of the ordinary and jump into the extraordinary.

Is it possible to be a master of your reality? Be happy, and create an epic life despite your circumstances? Hell yes! And we’re just getting started. That’s the mantra Alexi Panos lives by in 50 Ways to Yay! But Alexi wasn’t always this positive. About six years ago, she woke up to the slow monotony that had become her life. Sick of feeling stressed out, emotionally detached, and never quite happy enough, she knew something had to change.

So Alexi immersed herself in psychology, Eastern thought, and personal development by reading thousands of books, taking classes, and experimenting with techniques that were sometimes amazing, and sometimes disastrous. In 50 Ways to Yay!, she shares her results in this delightful, yet thought-provoking primer, such as:

-It’s not about what life has dealt you, it’s about how you react to it.

-Vulnerability is relatable. Perfection is not.

-Those who are happy with nothing are happy with everything.

Alexi has done the extensive research (so you don’t have to) and synthesized it into fifty practical tools that you can apply for extraordinary results now. With her guidance, you can experience a domino effect of inner peace, inspiration, and a whole lot of happy.

ISBN: 9781501131783

So i thought id give this getting a whole lot of happy a go. It's not like im miserable in my life but im not completely happy with certain aspects so what can it hurt to give it a try, admittedly this is a slow reader, 50 ways at one a day means i cant just go and read it all in one sitting not unless i dont try anything in it.Usually im not one for slow readers(my other half would say thats because i read at super speed)  but this one caught my attention, mostly by the title (not enough books with Yay in the title) .
Because of that this review is coming in two parts, this one telling you that i'm reading it,giving it all a try and my initial thoughts of it then another in 50 days time with a complete review.
So far, having just read the intro it seems a good book, she's (as it says) done all the research and put a lot of effort into this idea of tools for happiness.I realise thats not much of a review but as i haven't quite started the 50 ways bit yet theres not much to say but watch this space, in 50 days i'll let you know everything, good and bad about the book and this getting a whole lot of happy idea!

Monday, 6 June 2016

Hi everyone,

So im new to this blogging thing and im getting to grips with this book review thing. I've never done the former before and i haven't done the latter since i was in high school( and lets not get into how long ago that was!) So you'll have to excuse the way the reviews start out, they may be short or they may not flow very well but they will get better, i promise!
So the first review will come soon and i'm going to try to review a book a week and throw in a classic book a month(with any luck i'll manage that)

Sorry this is such a short post but I've run out of things to type!